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Mira Quente Remix

Another tune for you all today… this one is a remix I did for the funky Greek global beatsmiths SUPERSAN. Based in Athens, these guys have put out a bunch of really nice productions (a couple have found their way onto this site in the past), and I was happy to oblige when they reached out asking me to make a remix from their latest album. The full collection of remixes drops today, with nice re-works fromĀ Maga Bo, Yukicito and many more heavy hitters. Additional bonus, the whole thing is available for free. Take a listen and snag the whole lot!

  • Captain Bedtime

    I’ve often started to leave a comment here and failed, or deleted everything except the “sick tunes fam” bit, but okay you deserve the compliments. I’ve been reading this blog over a decade, it’s been here through some real peaks and troughs in my life as well as reflecting some of your own. I remember being a little disappointed when the name and focus changed… only to find that, no, it didn’t make much difference, the tunes were still sick. Even now i can still come here to bask in some sunshine tunes and listen to your humane and reasonable musings awhile. As well as the other music, your own productions and remixes have been pretty damn inspirational and switched me on to some awesome shit i would definitely have missed otherwise. The fact that you go from strength to strength as a producer is a bonus! The mixes on here i used to ignore, but since i started DJing myself i found another new reason to love this blog… more inspiration! So yeah, one day when i suck less, i will start to pester you with my party mixes, but for now, keep it up brother you make a lot of people smile without even knowing you did it. Peace!

  • Kris Obertas

    I suspect Captain Bedtime speaks for a lot of us hanging back in the weeds. If I had to earn a living from my love for music…I’d starve and be homeless, so I turn to other pursuits. But I come here, knowing I’ll get the real, from someone in the trenches, doing what he can’t stop doing, while balancing family, music and the business to keep it all going. Thank you. I’m grateful.

  • Chuck Wild

    Wow many thanks for the kind words guys! I continue to be amazed when meeting people in real life who have been coming here for years or hearing comments like these. It reminds me there’s a reason to keep going, possibly for another decade or two haha. Peace

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