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Big Breather

Took a very serious and much needed breather this past month- winding my way through Paris and Southern France, and then transitioning back into California through Napa Valley to help soften the blow. Much wine was drunk, many insanely good meals were had, saw friends, jumped into the Mediterranean, visited museums and cathedrals and mountains, and overall reminded myself how big and beautiful this world is and just how important it is to travel around it. With that in mind, I’ve got some more chill selections today. Some sounds for a BBQ or hanging at the beach, or maybe just keeping your sanity in traffic. Take a few deep breaths, enjoy the vibes, and give some props for the fact that I was able to include 2 musical artists with “Flamingo” in their name. Artwork today comes courtesy of Costas Spathis.

  • Misty D.

    OMG!!!! Band of Enlightenment hits every spot I’ve got!! Son Kunda reminds me of the Hugh Tracy recordings.

  • gateio

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