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Love Injection

It’s been hard to pull my mind away from the political madness that has placed an aggressive, violent, sexual predator in a position to hold one of the highest moral & ethical positions in the country, possibly serving and making decisions that will drastically affect us Americans for potentially decades… but somehow I maintain hope. I believe in the transformational power of heroes and real bravery like I witnessed in Dr. Blasey Ford last week, and that is the light that I’m focussing on while picturing the future world that my baby daughter will inhabit. I know none of you come to this site for politics, but that’s the truth of where my head and heart have been at. Of course, as always, it’s also music that I turn to to keep me on track. Basslines and hi hats and chord stabs remind me that, forever, in times of darkness, we find ways to dance and celebrate and defy the countless reasons that tell us to throw in the towel and dig our heads in the dirt instead. So without further ado, please enjoy this selection of funky-ass disco-fied gems, some of which a young Basquiat may have placed on the platter during his set at Area in ’84 as captured above by Ben Buchanan.

Also, for those of you in the Southern California area, I’ll be doin the damn thing myself just South of the  border on the beach in Baja, Mexico this upcoming weekend at Wakoia festival– tickets & hotel are cheap and it should be loads of fun!