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Paper Remix

Here we go, on the eve of a very major election here, I’m trying to keep my calm and dispel the anxiety with positive thoughts- like the release of this remix I did for the super talented Shungudzo. Her original song “Paper” (and the accompanying music video) was so good, I wasn’t sure how I could improve it, but after hearing that she’d been listening to a lot of Nigerian disco lately, I figured that was my angle in. So here’s a great song, completely reworked stylistically, from an artist who you will most certainly be hearing more about soon. We’ve got some original collabo’s in the works, plus she’s responsible for the really dope title track off the latest Rudimental album (a song which can easily serve as a rallying cry for everyone out here trying to steer away from Trump’s divisive, racist, fear mongering rhetoric). With that in mind, let’s have a toast to all our differences while turning up the volume on this one and reminding ourselves that yes, indeed, there is something much greater than paper!

If you dig it, please support! Available on iTunes, Spotify and errywhere else good music exists…

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