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New Joints!

Happy Earth Day indeed, with new releases to share (which actually came out last week). First up, my new single “Ghost Dance” which gives a little taste of the music I’m working on for my next album, don’t hold your breath though, might be a minute before the full release haha. You can get your copy on the really great EARTH NIGHT compilation, put together by DJ’s For Climate Action (shoutout to Sammy Bananas & El Buho among other organizers). The concept of bringing Earth Day into the nightclub / dance music world has obvious appeal to me- I’m CAPTAIN PLANET for chrissake. So as soon as I heard about the project, I wanted to be a part. We did little fundraiser parties here in LA on Friday & Saturday, and there were bigger events in NYC, and other cities around the world. Hopefully next year we can take it even further, because let’s face it, we collectively need to make major changes in very short period of time if we want to maintain the diverse life on this planet as we know it! So BUY the album, donate extra, and hopefully plant something in the soil today. 

And then next up, is this cheeky lil Afro Edits EP I put together for Kampana Records (hi there Aroop Roy). Yes, 2 of these songs have made it into the world in digital form, but it’s nice to have them on vinyl, and then I made 2 new tracks that are ONLY available on this release. So go snag a copy before they are completely sold out.