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Stand Your Ground

The fact that I stumbled upon this great image of a fainted red coat during the week of American Independence Day was purely coincidental. More than it expresses any kind of pride I might take in my extremely fucked up country, I connect to the pure exhaustion the poor chap must have felt just prior to collapse, while all the other blokes are just doing their best not to make a show of it. I thought I knew hard work before fatherhood, but I truly didn’t. I have no plans to cut off my beloved (and highly outdated) blog, but I do again ask you to excuse prolonged lapses these days. It just ain’t like it used to be!

That being said, nothing has changed at all when it comes to the music that lifts me up and keeps me standing (dancing even!) through it all. So here is another long overdue selection of great ones that I hope do as much good for you as they do for me. Shout out to all of you reading this for your own dedication and faith that this site will still provide- I appreciate it!

Also, for of you in the Chicago area- I’ll be doing 2 separate events in 2 different public parks this upcoming Saturday July 13th. Get your sweat on at this Michelob Ultra event (I DJ 2-4pm to close it out), or catch me uptown at Willye White Park playing around 5:30-8. Tell a friend to tell a friend. Until the next episode… PEACE

  • James Fisher

    I’ve been a fan since the golden Captain Planet days and have all the patience in the world for you to feed us with the good stuff! Cheers brother

  • radioPirincho

    Hola hola, que bueno que encontré tu blog! Hace año que escucho tu música. Aunque estoy muy lejos, al sur, voy a estar más actualizado.
    Abrazos desde Uruguay,
    Pablo de radioPirincho.org

  • Sergeant Teatime

    Even though i’m english… if someone says “sing the national anthem!” then i sing the marseillaise… and if they say “sing god save the queen!” then i sing the sex pistols lol

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