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Here we go y’all… just 2 weeks til we kick this complete disaster trainwreck of a President all the way back to the grade D reality TV slums where he belongs. If you are an American – VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE. Shout it out loud and make sure your Grammy and long lost uncle do too. This is not a joke. I’m feeling optimistic, but it could also be the powerful vibes of these songs that’s hitting me too. And that’s why, as always, I feel inclined to share and spread the uplifting wealth. Global goodies from near and far to help you get up, help you get down, help you chill out, and fuel the fire that will keep you marching in the streets if need be. For more eye candy with a side order of brain buzz, check out the super talented Araba Ankuma (featured above). PEACE

  • Abbie

    You just lost a fan using this platform to express your political views. Did it occur to you not everyone believes as you do? Music is the one place I can go to for escape from all that. It’s like the episode with George in HOD where he tells his girlfriend to vote… you should just remind people to vote maybe but trainwreck? At least we got the truth. I think you guys are weird now, think too much of yourselves to tell people how to vote. Ugh. I won’t watch anything with you in it now.

  • Chuck Wild

    @Abbie aside from whatever you may feel about Trump’s racist incendiary statements, or his anti-immigrant policies, or his constant barrage of misinformation- the sole fact that his lack of leadership has caused our country to be the single WORST in the whole world when it comes to Coronavirus cases & DEATHS should be enough to accept his presidency as a TRAINWRECK. There is no other place in the world where people have died like they are dying here in the US, one of the wealthiest, most developed and powerful nations. It’s not even political, it’s not partisan, it’s just a downright failure to handle the situation, and hundreds of thousands of people have died because of it. I will continue to use any and all platforms I have to speak up if it helps prevent innocent people from dying. If that offends you, by all means, please get your music somewhere else.

  • Ricky

    Don’t feed the trolls! Use your platform as you would your voice. I can’t even imagine someone listening to the wide breadth of global music you post here and still coming out of that with a closed mind wanting people to be quiet. Insane.

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