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Guest Selector: DJ SEANO

Can I really say “Happy New Year”??? Well, despite it all, I’ll try. Best believe I am keeping my sights set on better days in the near future. I hope all of you out there are managing to stay healthy, stay positive, and keep finding ways to make the most of what we have right now. Which brings me to today’s guest selector- my mellow my man DJ Seano! I consider him a sort of pillar in the Los Angeles underground music scene. Not only a party rocker, but a real deep cut selector who hosts not one, but 2 radio shows on separate stations of extremely high repute (KPFK & Dublab). He’s also a dad, which gives him way more kudos than any other accomplishment in my book. He’s put together a monster batch of gems, ALL UNKNOWN TO ME, and was very generous to share them with us all. Here’s what he has to say:

“I’m not sure how to put into words why I like what I like. If it has dope drums, I’m usually on board. I’ve never cared whether it was old, new, analog, or electronic. I study breaks, mixtape track-lists, samples and do my best to share my discoveries with dancefloors and radio airwaves as often as possible. I’ve been a huge fan of Mixtape Riot for YEARS so I consider it an honor to contribute some tunes for the many music lovers out there. All of these tunes are dancefloor ready. I’d like to take a moment to thank my NuTropic brothers in sound, Mano, Ohmega Watts, and NewLife, for their constant support and for always hippin’ me to new tracks and for always keepin’ me on my toes at the function. Much love to Captain Planet for the invite. Dive in and remember to TURN IT UP & ENJOY!”