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Global Gumbo Funk Treasure Hunt Megamix

Calling all record diggers, music nerds and treasure hunters! I cooked up a musical egg hunt specifically designed for you, with multiple prize packages available to win. As a way to celebrate the many vintage musical inspirations from around the world that helped shape my trademark “gumbo funk” sound, I made a 60min megamix featuring beloved records as well as some selections from my recent “Sounds Like Home” full-length. Instead of releasing a tracklist, I left it up to you to do your digging!

Simply put, the person who correctly identifies the most songs in this mix wins.

There are 30 tracks in total, each one worth a potential of 3 points for correctly identifying the Artist Name(s), the Song Title, and the Artist(s) Country(ies) of Origin. Every participant earns 10 points simply for entering the contest, making a grand total of 100 possible points. There will also be a consolation lottery prize chosen at random from the entries, so even if you don’t want to do your homework, you can still be entered to win. Runner up prize packages will go to the people with the 2nd & 3rd most points earned. With 4 chances to win, it’s time to flex your record digging skills and show how much you really think you know about those coveted deep cuts. Sure, feel free to use Shazam as much as you like, I know there are a handful in here that will keep you searching, so good luck!


  • CIn

    Will you release the tracklist?

  • Paz

    I still miss Covid Shutdown Pajama Party DJ Sets. Keep sharing the good stuff!

  • alex

    Excellent news !! your site is still alive, thank you and I hope you have an excellent and peaceful Christmas :)

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