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Somewhere In The Reverb


Juggling many things at once, I start to feel disoriented and dizzy, anxious, wanting to be bigger and more capable than I am. I’d love to have a supercomputer in my head, with 10 times the problem solving capabilities, and immediate loss-less access to a long history of details. But I forget, and fuck up, and live in a suspended foggy dream state more of the time than I’d like to admit. But what saves me, keeps me sane, brings daily smiles to my face and cracks me up laughing even in my sleep, are the sacred moments of gratitude.

Hard to know whether they come from outside or in, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to surround yourself with sounds you love, colors that tickle you, and tastes that make your mouth water. That bon bon vie, which to you may be as simple a good sandwich. Each of the songs I’m sharing with you today has passed that test for me- scratched an itch and brought me back into the present moment. Made me grateful. I hope it helps you find a bit of grounding too, even with your head in the clouds. Shout out to DJ Shrimp Scampi for a few of today’s selections. Also, visual art today comes courtesy of The Clayton Bros who’s show is up now in Culver City and I want very badly to check it out.

Chet Faker :       1998

Thief :       Cold

Little Dragon :       Killing Me &       Paris

Glass Animals :       Pools

Paolo Nutini :       Let Me Down Easy

SZA :       Sweet November &       Julia

BEA :       Safe Ground

Poliça :       I See My Mother

Jesse Ware :       Tough Love

Nick Hakim :       Cold