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More Slang EP


WOOHOO! “Aguacero” is probably my favorite song I’ve worked on all year. I really hope you guys enjoy listening to it as much as I do. Been a while in the works, but after the major success of “Un Poquito Mas”, another collaboration with Chico Mann absolutely had to happen. In fact, there may be more on the way (but don’t hold your breath haha). “Aguacero” is a downpour- water everywhere. I built up a chill, but highly danceable groove, with excellent guitar work from my friend Andy Abad, and then Chico’s vocals just sealed the deal. Get your hands on the entire More Slang EP, with heavy-hitting remixes from some homies you may know (Deejay Theory, Thornato, & London Bridge), available today worldwide on Bastard Jazz records. Big shout out to Vice’s THUMP blog for a great premier earlier this week. Final note, the pic above is one of countless amazingly beautiful things I saw with my wife in the area of Siem Reap, Cambodia earlier this week. If you are ever thinking of going to this region, do yourself a favor and make it up Kulen Mountain!

  • Sam E

    Thank you for your great tunes on Friday @ Hotel Vagabond Such a great selection I hope saturday night went off with Lady Flic in the house too.

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Un Poquito Más


I’ve been anxiously awaiting the day when I could share this one with you all. I’ve been a huge fan of Marcos Garcia (aka Chico Mann) since I first saw Antibalas back in Brooklyn circa 2003. When he dropped his first Manifest Tone EP I had him come by for an interview and guest DJ set on my Passport radio show on WNYU. I probably have a recording of that somewhere and I need to dig it up… Anyway, jump ahead many years and I finally got close to a proper collabo with my remix of his single “I Feel It”. I started sending him beats hoping that one of them would catch his interest, and sure enough it finally worked. “Un Poquito Más” is the first single from my upcoming full-length on Bastard Jazz Records, with melodic marimba vibes, heavy bass, cracking drums and suave vocals by Chico, I hope you agree it’s a winner. If you dig it, please support and spread the word! Big shout out to the Vice blog Thump for the premier and positive (albeit heavily misspelled) review.

  • paw andersen

    awesome. love it

    paw, cph

  • Dangerscouse

    Really looking forward to the album. Got a few recommendations for ya…

    Fimber Bravo- ‘Con-fusion’ if Hot Chip did a steel band album this would be it
    Gabrielle Poso- Invocation- it’s on Agogo Records so you know it’s gonna be good
    Lee Fields & Expressions- you’ll know about this one
    See I- Knowledge Shine Bright- and you’ll know this one too
    Nick Mulvey- First Mind – for something a bit more laidback

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