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Out Of Hand


‘Tis the season for giving, and there are few causes I think more worthy of receiving a gift right now than Doctors Without Borders in their ongoing fight against Ebola and other health emergencies around the world. “Out Of Hand” started as a freestyle cipher on the sidewalk in the Lower East Side after worldwide hustler Brooklyn Shanti brought Sierra Leonean singer/rapper Bajah to one of my shows. We were all talking about how badly we wanted to do something to help out, and then a freestyle broke out and Shanti had the wherewithal to press record. In the following weeks we turned that organic inspiration into a proper song, sending files back and forth between LA and Brooklyn, and this is the final result. We’ve made the song available for download with a contribution of any size donated to Doctors Without Borders (one of the leading organizations currently working in West Africa). We put up this site with a nice little informative video and more details: www.MusicEqualsMedecine.com. If you appreciate what we’re up to, please take a minute to donate or spread the word.

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