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Springtime Sounds + NYC Bound


Big big weekend coming up! There is little that I love in this world more than NYC in Spring. The communal thawing out of 8 and a half million people, surrounded by cherry blossoms, baby green leaves, and outfits that allow plenty of sun exposure, is really something to cherish. Not only will I get to catch up with a bunch of my old homies, but I’m very excited to be spinning 2 special parties that I invite any and all of you in the NY area to come check out. This Saturday I’ll be headed all the way uptown to join the funky maestro Nickodemus as we kick off another season of his legendary Turntables On The Hudson party! Check out DETAILS HERE. Then Sunday I hit the rooftop of the James Hotel with my brother DJ Cato to kick off our own seasonal residency poolside in Soho! Both are daytime-into-the-night events, and both are absolutely FREE. This week’s playlist is meant to give you a little taste of some sunset soundtrack songs, plus some other things to pluck at your heartstrings.

Clinton Fearon :       Blame Game

Kabaka Pyramid :       The Sound &       Get You

Skarra Mucci & Phantom :       True Gyalist

Abayomy Afrobeat Orchestra :       Malunguinho

Souleance :       Segrados Do Samba

Mennska & Mas Tropical :       Won't Come Home

Alex Clare :       Up All Night (Nadastrom 98 Re-Fix)

Misun :       After Me

Malinchak ft. Max :       Dragonfly

Leyya :       Superego

Hundred Waters :       Cavity (Shigeto Remix)

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Search For The Perfect Hummus


I didn’t want to talk about this too much for fear of jinx-ing it, but now that it’s actually happening I’m still in a state of overjoyed disbelief. Currently writing this to you from 35,000 feet in the air on a non-stop Emirates flight to Dubai. For the next two weeks I have the immense pleasure of playing records alongside one of my favorite deejays (and friends), the legendary Nickodemus, founder of Turntables On The Hudson and Wonderwheel records. Dubai, Beirut, Cairo, Amman… all cities I’ve never been, with really cool parties that I’m very excited to play at. The first one will be this Friday, March 27th at Zero Gravity in Dubai. Then on Saturday we’ll be in Beirut doing this RBMA event. If you have friends in the vicinity, let them know we’ll be bringing the heat! I will try to keep you guys updated with more details and mp3’s, but in the meanwhile, enjoy this ridiculous mix of rare funky vintage records from the mid-east that you probably won’t be able to find anywhere else.

  • Soul Cocina

    what a great experience. And this mix is platanos. amazing tracks.

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