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Hittin’ The Road


That’s right, it’s been far too long since I took my digital crate of sonic global goodness and spread it around a bit. This week I’ll be kicking off my album release tour in an attempt to remedy that situation. I’m starting off here in LA tomorrow night at one of my favorite places in town- East Side Luv. I’ll be DJ-ing and showcasing some new songs with a little help from some vocalists you may recognize from the mp3’s you hear on this site. There will also be a live performance from my favorite local cumbia band- Buyepongo (who I hope to collaborate with before too long). Then I’m heading back to the East Coast on Friday for the very exciting Electrafrique party hosted by the good people at OkayAfrica. Once again I’ll have some help from surprise guest vocalists. Then another jammy for CMJ in NYC before heading to D.C. to tear it up at ESL with Bastard Jazz head honcho DJ DRM. Finally I’ll be heading up to San Francisco for a raucous throwdown at the Elbo Room with my funky friends Izzy Wise & Pleasuremaker. If you find yourself in any of these cities around these dates, come through and say what’s up! For any of you who can’t make it, please accept this new mixtape as an offering- my own personal “Declaration Of Funkiness” for The United States of Africa. 60mins of non-stop African music selected and mixed with care by yours truly for OkayAfrica.com. This one is guaranteed to lift your spirit and shake your rump.

  • boodah

    Great Selection. Thanks for sharing.

  • boodah

    Thank You! Truly appreciated.

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