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Purple Haze


I’m sure you’ve all been going through your own process of dealing with the very sad news of Prince’s departure, and that has probably included binge listening to many of his classics. With that in mind, I decided not to post another “best of” list, but I did feel obliged to acknowledge this legend of modern music, one of the most prolific, creative and unique voices of our era. I’m sharing Dimitri’s re-edit of “I Wanna Be Your Lover” first off, because it’s brilliant, but also because I heard Dimitri himself play this at A Club Called Rhonda on the first date I ever had with my (now) wife. I hope it helps someone else out there find a lover too. Then there’s a fresh voice from up-n-coming LA rapper Pell who randomly showed up at my DJ gig on Saturday night and got super hype when I told him I had been listening to his album and dropped his single “Queso” produced by Dave Sitek. Very funky shit, for lovers of the Pharcyde. Miguel getting remixed by Tame Impala?!? I don’t have to tell you it’s good, the waviness factor is waaaay better than Rihanna singing on top of “New Person, Same Old Mistakes”. My collaborator friend from Argentina La Yegros is back with a new album of future cumbia on Soundway records and I’m loving this “Chicha Roja” tune in particular. My old friend Skyla hit me up with a fresh batch of recent Trini Soca gold, and all I want to do is listen to “Boom Bam” 1,000 times in a row. Someone needs to convince Skyla to become a DJ, but until that day I will happily keep stealing her hits. From the UK, Afriquoi hit’s the future Afro-house sweet spot on “Carnabala”. Stay tuned for more from them soon. Aroop Roy takes us down to Brazil on the tastefully techno-infused “Quem Vai Querer”. French newcomer Fakear brings the recent AlunaGeorge smash into deep Middle-Eastern desert vibes. Perhaps my favorite Dominican singer of the moment, Fuego, wastes no time in covering Drake’s new moombahton crossover “One Dance”. Check Fuego’s cover of Hotline Bling for some more heat. Rounding out the set this week is Bibio’s super-chill retro-pop feel-good masterpiece “Town & Country”. As you can see, I’m trying to give you guys the same little notes as always, while still providing the continuous playback like before. Thanks for all your comments, keep em coming! I always like hearing from you.

  • Tod Stevenson

    Bumping Carnabala in my new office bro! I even got a subwoofer pushing out the bass!

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