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Get Gone Remix


Remix tiiiiiiime! Yes, once again I threw away all the hard work I put into making a song, and completely remade the music from scratch. It’s actually a very fun exercise as a producer. Remixing yourself gives you a chance to look at what you’ve made as objectively as possible, and then it provides the opportunity to reinvent yourself or express another side of your creativity. It never ceases to amaze me how different the mood and feel of a song can be, using the same chords and notes, but different sounds and structure. The other thing I love about making a remix, is that I can give it away for free. So press play, then hit download, and if you like what we’re doing, please show some support. Peace, from this here Hooligan. Also, big shout out to Mathieu Bitton for the photography and art direction.

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Get Gone


Remember how I’ve been so busy lately? Well this project is one of the main reasons. Less than a year ago, a mutual friend connected me and vocalist Shana Halligan. She swung by my studio, we started talking about the music we love and the records we idolize, and a few hours later we had a full new song almost completed. We’ve been working together ever since, developing our sound, and I’m happy to announce the upcoming release of our first single together- “Get Gone”. There is much more to come, so stay tuned for that. She’s also the voice featured on the latest Thievery Corporation single, and she will be leaving to do an East Coast tour with them starting tomorrow. Catch her if you can, and stay tuned for more good things from “The Hooligans“.

Shout out to VIBE.com for featuring the premier, the single is AVAILABLE NOW along with a remix that pushes the song in a totally different direction. Support is always much appreciated so help spread the word!

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    Congratulations Chuck!

  • Robstar

    Loving this, cant wait to hear some more!!!

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