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Still Summer


Generally the season most associated with slowing down and chilling out, this Summer for me has been far from still. Quite the opposite, I don’t think I’ve gone 2 weeks without getting on a plane in the past 3 months. I’m certainly not complaining, but I am a bit tired from non-stop hustle. Thankfully, between now and my wedding in 2 weeks, I’m staying put. I’ve got some good parties coming up for people in the LA area (follow my instagram or facebook for regular info/updates), and then it’s the party of the year (possibly of my life?) down in Baja where, for once, I am not the DJ! But you better believe I’m supplying playlists haha. As for now, let’s take a trip into the land of vibes… got some very heavy tropical heaters for you today as well as the usual upbeat funkiness. Pic today was jacked from this cool musician I met in Dubai.

Young Ragga : Musiquilla
new roots rock out of Puerto Rico- check it out

J Balvin ft. Farruko : 6 AM
big radio reggaeton hit that hits my sweet spot

Boogat : Dos Cervezas
more left-field grimey reggaeton joint from this dude that has been getting heavy spins from me- thanks DJ Cato!

Buraka Som Sistema : Sente
when it comes to heavy tropical bass, few do it better

Sam Binga : Tek Nuh Chat ft. Redders
nice ragga hip hop flavor from this British beatsmith

Craze & TroyBoi : Baby Gurl
when you need more cowbell, try this one out

Self Help : Got Dam
when you need more cuica, this guy has you covered

Kranium ft. Ty Dolla Sign : Nobody Has To Know (Major Lazer & KickRaux Remix)
just in case you were starting to get tired of “Lean On”, the Lazer dudes come correct yet again

Count Jackula : Dinner For One
no idea who this cat is, but this latin-tinged stepper is really doing it for me

Tone Of Arc : Chant No. 1
funky Talking Heads-y cover of an 80’s tune by Spandau Ballet, brought to you by this Bay Area group

Gary Davis : The Professor’s Here (Greg Wilson Remix)
underground disco classic gets a perfect update for today’s dancefloor

Swick & Lewis CanCut : Fizzy
this one requires you to really get out of your comfort zone- tropical beats, pop music chords, and then just some dancefloor mania when the bass drops.

Purity Ring : Bodyache
dreamy catchy vocals accompanied by a super hard punch in the gut, I dig it

  • Dangerscouse

    Have a great wedding Chuck,. I can highly recommend Greg Wilson’s soundcloud page and especially his edits & mashups….all free and all solid gold

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Shana Halligan – Been Waiting


So sorry for lack of updates here! This has truly been a crazy busy Summer, and with my upcoming wedding less than a month away (hurrah!), there doesn’t seem to be much sign of slowing down in the near future. That being said, I am very happy to finally be sharing the first single from the upcoming Shana Halligan album that I produced. This was a long time coming, but after a year and a half of working together, the whole record really took shape. “Back To Me” (as it’s titled) is set to be released October 16th on Plug Research records here in LA. Shana is an amazing talent, and I am really proud of what we made- it’s a sexy, moody, sensual collection of songs that are schooled by pop music, but tend to veer away from most genre conventions as well. More singles to come shortly, which I will certainly be sharing on here. This first single, “Been Waiting”, is a good example of what happens Shana’s heartfelt songwriting collides with the beats of a DJ who loves house, electronic and global sounds. Props to PopMatters.com for premiering the tune! Get your copy right here.

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Keep It Molten

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Don’t let the summer heat melt your mood. It may be 94 degrees with 85% humidity out there, but that’s no excuse to sit still in front of the AC with an icepack in your pants. Instead, here’s a volcanic burst of magma beats to liquify your core and keep you flowing smoothly into the weekend. Don’t try to cool off, just turn up heat and watch the sweat evaporate right off of you into a cloud of stinky pheramone haze. My main point is simply- keep dancing. Artwork today comes from Ruthless Creative, aka Robert Lux a designer who also makes dance music.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra : Can’t Keep Checking My Phone

Mark Ronson : Daffodils ft. Kevin Parker & I Can’t Lose ft. Keyone Starr (Pomo Remix)

Maribou State : Midas ft. Holly Walker

Ne-Yo : Sexy Love (Phil Gerus Remix)

Flume : Holdin On (Kaytranada Remix)

Kerbside Collection : Sweet Like Nectar (Ennio Styles Remix)

Moon Boots : Off My Mind (Rogue Vogue Remix)

Daniel Haaksman : Sabado ft. Bulldozer (Castro Remix)

Glass Animals : Gooey (Love Taps Remix)

Lxury : Square 1


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Fresh Lemonade

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With Summer in full swing, I’m happy to announce the release of this big collabo tune that I worked on with the homies We Chief and Jahdan Blakkamoore. This dancehall / moombahton banger should fit nicely in all your pool party playlists, and like everything We Chief related, it’s a FREE DOWNLOAD, so grab it while it’s hot. It’s been just a year since I first started working with the Chief on our first track together, and I’m proud to see how far he’s come. He’s got a big team of people participating in the project, and I’m glad to be one of them.

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Guest Post: DJ Gozar

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Loooong overdue, but well worth the wait. Finally got my good friend Josh aka DJ Gozar to put together a guest playlist for MTR! When I first moved to LA, Gozar (who I had never met) invited me to play at a warehouse party called Tropicali with another DJ friend Kid Gusto. He had just come back from Colombia and I was drooling over his dusty vinyl digs. A great crowd turned out, and we were recently joking that so many of the heads who showed up that night, have now become core members of our LA global bass community. A founding member of Subsuelo, a guy who can fix any tech concern this side of N.A.S.A., a perpetual good pupusa seeker, and a man I’m glad to call my homie. You can catch Gozar, along with Canyon Cody, Jose Marquez, Sabo, Jeremy Sole and more next weekend at the very dope looking Woogie Weekend festival here in SoCal. On to the tunes…

Adam Port : E Sound Edit
Light, Percussive, Airy and Dubby. House loveliness from this dude. I first heard this track standing in the ocean at the Genius Loci Festival.

Bomba Estereo : Raiz
Captain Planet already posted the bangers off this album. This is my sleeper pick though. So Lovely. Cop the album here

Chancha Via Circuito : Jardines ft Lido Pimienta (Thornato Remix)
Chancha and Thornato on the same track. Live guitars from Ron Bunker of Balkan Beat Box. No more needs to be said.

Cristian Vinci : Tambor y Plena
Percussive Latin house banger with horns to spare from this producer. Cop it here

débruit : Percute & Transverse
As soon as I saw that this dude had a new album, I grabbed it off Bandcamp. Spacey bassy African roots sounds not to be missed.

Mateo Senolia : Baldwin (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Deep Afro-House rhythm under searing 1963 James Baldwin speech, remixed by Yoruba Soul. “The poets (by which I mean all artists) are finally the only people who know the truth about us. Soldiers don’t. Priests don’t. Union leaders don’t. Only poets.”

Nicola Cruz : Colibria
Space roots from this Ecuadorean master on ZZK Records, whose music “is an exploration of folkloric traditions and ancestral mythologies in a modern setting”. Love the vocals from Huiara on this. Support them!

Novalima : Beto Kele (Nosotros Somos) & Madretierra
Two awesome tunes from the super-solid new release from this Peruvian group on Wonderwheel. LA heads, check them out at The Skirball Aug 27th too.

Owiny Sigoma Band : Luo Land
Afro fire. From their soundcloud: “Louis Hackett, the band’s bass player, produced this hypnotic response after a 12 hour changaa fueled session of hard Nyatiti soundclash.” Check it out here

Purple Disco Machine : Magic
Loving this house tune. Samples liberally from a song that a lot of you will recognize.

Tommy McCook & The Supersonics : Reggae Merengue (Cocotaxi Cumbia Edit)
Light edit of this classic tune from the Jamaican Sax master

Weird Together : No Compromise (Daniel Haaksman Remix)
Big Haaksman remix of this song from the British group.

Vivian Garcia & Armando Perez : Locos (Atropolis Remix)
Damn catchy female vocals en español over a  raggamuffin beat from the NYC homie Atropolis

  • Dangerscouse

    Some solid gold tunes here, cheers Gozar, you need to post more often!! Particularly love that Nicola Cruz, so simple yet so addictively listenable and Purple Disco Machine is really floating Dangerspouse’s boat too

  • Soul Cocina

    Super nice vibes. This Nicola tune is so sweet. The Atropolis Locos mix is gold. & from the earlier post, Dia de mi suerte has been my life anthem, Tiklah is the only one who could have done the remake justice, like the way he did si hecho palante. Big Up selectas Gozar y Chuck Dub.

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Where The Wild Things Roam

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I swear, lately it feels like every week there’s 5 new albums coming out that I actually really want to listen to. Is it just me or does this feel like a really great moment in music? Maybe it’s just the sunny Summertime vibes seeping into my brain. Either way, I’ve got a heap of good ones lined up for you- from chilled out bedroom beats to roller rink two-step joints. Press play and enjoy the bounty. Today’s artwork comes courtesy of the highly talented and super surreal Neil Krug. Check out more brain food from him.

Thundercat : Them Changes
top notch soulful funky sounds from the bass maestro over a classic Isley Bro’s break.

The Internet : Girl (ft. Kaytranada)
been waiting on this… peep the album

Ticklah : El Dia De Suerte
not new, but this reggae rework of Willie Colon’s salsa classic is sounding perfect right now.

Ace Of Base : All That She Wants (Self Help & Tanner Re-Twerk)
a semi-guilty pleasure that has been working really well on the dancefloor

Mayer Hawthorne x Jake One : Number One
genius reworking of Nate Dogg

Duke Dumont : Need U (110%) (James Laurence Bootleg)
house song gets flipped into an 80’s boogie jam and it’s a perfect fit

Zero 7 : Simple Science

Kyogi : Not Good Enough (Jean Tonique Remix)

Tinashe : All Hands On Deck (Giraffage Remix)

Beat Spacek : Tonight

Flume : Some Minds (ft. Andrew Wyatt)
waaaaaaait for it, the drop is so so worth it. Very much looking forward to more from Flume.

Blundetto : Above The Water (ft. Biga Ranx)
a French whiteboy singing in patois never sounded so good.

  • Dangerscouse

    LOVIN Thundercat the new Flume tune and Blundetto. I didn’t know that Blundetto had a new album out so i’ll be off to buy it now. Really looking forward to more Flume music too. Cheers Chuck

  • Dangerscouse

    I’ve just stumbled across Sly Johnson who is on the same label as Blundetto. Have a listen to ‘EVRBDD’ (Everybody Dancin). It’s funky soul not reggae, but I reckon that you’ll love it if you haven’t heard it already

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