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Slipped Past


Just wanted to share a couple recent productions I was involved with that may have slipped past your radar. First up is a remix I did for the insanely talented, and cool-as-f#ck, Alsarah. I first heard her voice on her collaboration with Debruit. Then I discovered her timeless retro-Sudanese masterpiece “Silt” which recently came out on Wonderwheel Records (and is even available on cassette!!!). I’ve played the hell out of this album and do not get tired of it at all- there’s not a single track you want to skip. So I reached out to this awesome gal and had the extreme fortune of getting her to feature on my latest album. Then when Aaron (who manages Wonderwheel) was collecting remixes for Silt, I jumped at the opportunity. I took it in a more contemporary Middle Eastern dance-pop-casio-crazy direction (a la Omar Souleyman). I think it works.

Next up is a collabo track that I co-produced with the up-n-coming WE CHIEF out of Brooklyn. We passed the beat back and forth a few times and eventually ended up getting vocals from the legendary Ragga Twins out of the UK (whose ‘Rinsing Lyrics’ album I used to listen to on cassette tape circa ’99). I also managed to enlist the talents of my old family friend Bill Ratner for some hilarious voice over intro bizniz. The outcome is a tribal moombah electro dancehall ting. Remixes of this tune are in the works, but for now, grab the OG as a free download!

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Feel Like Falling


Back in my favorite city on the planet, and damn it feels good (despite the 40 degree Fall weather). HUGE appreciation for the lovely crowds that came out and got down at the first two stops on the record release tour! There’s no better feeling than playing a set, digging in deep with music you truly love,  and seeing your friends and fam show their full support on the dancefloor. I’ve been going pretty heavy on my own music and Captain Planet related material, so I’m steering away from that today to share some stuff I’m listening to on the subway that you probably won’t hear at any of my gigs in the upcoming week. Mostly new acquisitions, I feel pretty confident you’ll be moving around (or at least squirming in your chair) by the time you get to Sammy Bananas. Then there’s a handful of chilled out tracks to bring you back down again. Don’t forget to check the rest of my tour schedule in my last post and come through if you’re in the vicinity. I always get a big kick from meeting digital acquaintances in the flesh.

The Juan Maclean : Running Back To You

Fool’s Gold : I’m In Love (Poolside Remix)

Tinashe : Vulnerable (Pomo Remix)

Les Sins : Grind

Big Data : Dangerous (Oliver Remix)

Ninetoes : Finder

Sammy Bananas : Pan Seared

Dre Skull : First Time ft. Megan James & Popcaan (Curses Remix)

Astro Zu x Tusks : Sungod

BØRNS : 10,000 Emerald Pools

Pascaal : Drowning In You

Alina Baraz & Galimatias : Make You Feel

  • jay.soul

    Thanks once again for sharing. Always great to check your selections. Funk on.

  • Wytse

    Was looking forward to your new selection, thanks.

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Hittin’ The Road


That’s right, it’s been far too long since I took my digital crate of sonic global goodness and spread it around a bit. This week I’ll be kicking off my album release tour in an attempt to remedy that situation. I’m starting off here in LA tomorrow night at one of my favorite places in town- East Side Luv. I’ll be DJ-ing and showcasing some new songs with a little help from some vocalists you may recognize from the mp3’s you hear on this site. There will also be a live performance from my favorite local cumbia band- Buyepongo (who I hope to collaborate with before too long). Then I’m heading back to the East Coast on Friday for the very exciting Electrafrique party hosted by the good people at OkayAfrica. Once again I’ll have some help from surprise guest vocalists. Then another jammy for CMJ in NYC before heading to D.C. to tear it up at ESL with Bastard Jazz head honcho DJ DRM. Finally I’ll be heading up to San Francisco for a raucous throwdown at the Elbo Room with my funky friends Izzy Wise & Pleasuremaker. If you find yourself in any of these cities around these dates, come through and say what’s up! For any of you who can’t make it, please accept this new mixtape as an offering- my own personal “Declaration Of Funkiness” for The United States of Africa. 60mins of non-stop African music selected and mixed with care by yours truly for OkayAfrica.com. This one is guaranteed to lift your spirit and shake your rump.

  • boodah

    Great Selection. Thanks for sharing.

  • boodah

    Thank You! Truly appreciated.

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Esperanto Slang Has Arrived


It’s finally here!!! Esperanto Slang represents about 2 years of solid work (with plenty of side projects in between). It was a very collaborative project, and I’m enormously grateful to all the musicians and singers who helped make this record happen. I’ve been talking quite a bit about what inspired this album in some recent interviews, but the basic concept was to pay respect to the emerging global language that I have experienced in pockets around the world. In little clubs, generally off the main strip where you hear more commercial club music, there are funky dancefloors fiending for for alternative beats. Music that sounds both ancient and immediate, foreign and familiar. Music that helps people connect with the wider world and asks them to step outside of what they know. These are the places I’ve always sought out- both as a dancer in the crowd, and as a DJ/performer looking to create and share a meaningful experience. Whenever I find myself in one of those places, I feel like we’re all speaking Esperanto.

Stream the whole record below, share it with friends, spread the word… and please support! It’s now available in beautiful double RED VINYL, CD or MP3 courtesy of Bastard Jazz Records. I promise I will go back to posting other people’s music soon! haha.

  • Phil D

    Great work, added to our overnight playlist. Keep it coming!

  • Dawn

    I love Quetzalcoatl!

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Sorry I’ve had so little time to post! Things are really moving along with the new Captain Planet album (drops in less than a week!) and I’ve been bouncing around like crazy- DJing, promoting, plotting… Here’s one more track from the album that we’ve decided to give away for FREE. Yes, we’re generous like that. This one was inspired by summer nights in my childhood, out in the woods, surrounded by the multi-layered chorus of insect communication. I picture a massive and powerful cicada queen belting out her mating cry at every breakdown. I hope you dig. Big shout out to the badass music blog Pigeons & Planes for premiering it on Tuesday. Limited free download, so grab it while it’s hot!

  • Atreyu el

    Diggin it!

  • Dangerscouse

    Didn’t get the free download, but I’m on the hunt to purchase the album anyway. This is a really unusual tune, but it really works

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Tudo de Bom

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A serious heatwave has hit us in LA this week, so it feels very appropriate to keep the Summer sounds rolling out. While sitting in front of a barely working AC unit in nothing but my drawers, I can think of little else that sounds more appealing than some breezy, feel good, samba funk. With that in mind, I present to you the  latest Captain Planet song to premier off my upcoming album. “Tudo de Bom” is a bouncy Brazilian joint featuring vocals by the lovely Samira Winter, with background vocals and additional guitar chops by up-n-coming rocker Nevilton. I loved working with these guys (there’s actually another song with Samira on the album), and I hope you can hear the fun we had in the studio when you press play. If you pre-order the “Esperanto Slang” album, you’ll get an immediate download of this tune, plus the other 2 singles that have dropped so far. Big shout out to Sounds & Colours Magazine for the premier yesterday. Press play and bump loudly!

  • Dawn

    Ah .. Mr Wilde.. late at night in cold Cape Town, just finished a long Skype with my darling who happens to be in China right now.. first thing I saw was your new post. I was wondering where you been. I lost all my music (laptops are number one theft item in this town) – this tune you just landed in my inbox is perfect because right now nothing matters and I’m feeling the love… yay for technology.. love how your music so often just hits the spot…

  • Dangerscouse

    Just get me the album. Your production is improving tune on tune. Lovin this

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