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Gumbo for Colombo


In honor of a very confused mass murderer, the first conquistador to con the eastern shores of the New World, and the man who bravely envisioned the vast possibilities of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, here’s a post-colonial toast to the one and only Cristoforo Colombo. May he writhe in his tomb for eternity! Or at least until we get a proper national holiday celebrating Indigenous people’s rights. I hope this playlist puts you in the mood to dance on his grave.

Also, above is a freakin hilarious music video I made to promote the new Captain Planet album with help from my dear old friend Akira Thompson, ill DJ/partyrocker/graphic designer Plann B, and his most highly talented partner in crime Maricel Sison.

Captain Planet :       Radio Freedom Mix
I made this back in ’05 for Futureboogie.com (back before they were so official looking!) and I think it’s 200% appropriate for the occaision. 60 mins of global funk with revolutionary words of wisdom from the African National Congress of South Africa. Full tracklist here.

Petrona Martinez :       Sepiterna (Thornato Remix)
I just recently connected with the Cumba Mela crew- what a revelation! I had already been playing the hell outta the Atropolis album before realizing that he was a member of the pack. Also comprised of 2Melo, Thornato, & Reaganomics (maybe there’s more?), they’re putting out a steady stream of rootsy bangers. Go get em!

Torito Bandido :       Saya De San Benito (Chong X Remix)
wish I knew more about this track, somebody with the info needs to school me.

Issa Bagayogo :       Gnangran (Atropolis Edit)
Malian musician Bagayogo has been mixing traditional sounds with electronics for years, but this re-edit from Atropolis manages to make the track both rootsier and more dancefloor accesible at the same time.

Daniel Haaksman :       Hands Up
Electro-mbira hotness from one of the godfathers of “global bass”, or whatever you want to call it.  Some of the remixes are great too.

Afrobuddha meets Kakatsitsi Drummers :       Obame
hit the nail on the head. Check the single.

Setenta :       Funky Tumbao
A little something for the Boricua b-boys, with a lil French interlude?!? Or is that Creole from Hispañola? Check the album here.

A Bossa Eletrica :       Nucleo Urbano &       Sob A Luz Do Sol
Wow, I’m sorry, but this version of Roy Ayers“Everybody Loves The Sunshine” definitely trumps the Seu Jorge version I fell in love with a lil while back. I heartily endorse this whole album

Kouyaté – Neerman :       Requiem Pour Un Con &       Kanga Dub
A recent discovery from late night radio. This cover of Serge Gainsbourg‘s “Requiem Pour Un Con” is nothing short of brilliant. They have more good music for you too.


  • Alex

    Faultless selection, as ever major thanks for all you do here. Cheers!

  • DJ NewLife

    nice, nice, nice…

  • Jaime Preciado

    Coooool! THANKS!

  • DJ Yamin

    Great selections as usual.

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