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Catching up on all kinds of good music right now while taking a much appreciated vacation in the country. I guess this blog is becoming slightly poopular because the number of promos I get sent daily just keeps increasing exponentially and I’ve even been sent offers to cover music on here for $$$! WTF?!? I still remember when I was worried about getting shut down for posting copyright protected material, guess those days are long gone. I think I’m also always late enough on posting new songs (one week is a year in the hipster blogosphere) that they’ve given up by the time I get to it. Either way, I’ll keep doing what I do, sharing whatever I’m feelin at the moment, and today it happens to be this…

Coastal Cities :       Relief
punky funky indie pop rock done proper, from these young bloods out of the UK

Miike Snow :       Pretender &       Bavarian #1 (Say You Will)
I don’t care if you Europeans call this “power pop”, I still love it. Over here in The States pop singers are afraid of breakbeats. I don’t know why, but that needs to change because I can’t stand to hear another electro-house, deadmau5-rip-off with added auto-tune vocals hijack the airwaves. I’m not in love with the whole album, but I still consider this good music.

Frank Ocean :       Lost &       Sweet Life
Somebody went and made an amazing album (for 2.99?!?).  Thank you Frank, for being an extremely brave and painfully real artist.

Reptar      Thank You Gliese 370 b &       Isoprene Bath
got tipped off on this group from regular reader Dangerscouse and am very thankful for that. Like Vampire Weekend with more vintage synths and cowbell.

Twin Sister :       Bad Street
don’t remember how I found this band or this song, but it fits.

Fujiya & Miyagi :       Collarbone &       OK
this was a radio discovery. These guys have quite a few albums, all pretty mellow and vibey. Dare I say, “Whisper Funk”?

St. Vincent :       Cruel
I’m usually really hesitant to share stuff that I feel is being overly-hyped, but this song is truly deserving. Rest of the album is pretty crazy too.

Yacht :       Psychic City (Classixx Remix)
ok, really really late on this, but maybe some of you missed it too.

Thought :       The Hardest Thing
once again, no idea how this ended up in my itunes. Standout track for me from this album.

Poolside :       Next To You &       Slow Down
this album is pretty much the epitome of summer days in Southern California. I feel like these guys are to LA what Holy Ghost is to NY. Where the Ghost boys go black & white, Poolside is all pastels. Both groups however, love their disco and vintage synths.

  • Dangerscouse

    For me Fujiya & Miyagi, Coastal Cities and Poolside are the standouts for me of the bands / people that I haven’t heard before.

    Glad you’re loving Reptar….thought you would. Also worth looking out for Thoephilius London as well if you haven’t heard him yet. Cheers Chuck

  • bigbowwow

    big bow wow

  • bigbowwow

    vraiment parfait cette bonne dose de musique pour commencer la journée …..

  • Koenski

    What a relieve winding uphere listening to all these hidden gems that tend to slip inbetween, and I couldn´t agree wit ya mo´ on the US/hiphop-rapscene finally discovered Eurotrashhousebeats)10yrs after’ to fill their albums with and an auto/tune on top / and rake in da cash once more from those teenies!.
    You secretly must´ve found a way to squeeze 29 hrs in a day or so, ´cos u is well busy all over daplacemaan!. keep us fresh, greetz from (finally) a scorching hot Europe, Holland, Koenski Beterweter.

  • drewcifer

    Loved the ‘Thank you…..’ Reptar track, cheers Dangerscouse and Chuck

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