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Mash It Up! Vol. One

Blogging to you live & direct from hot-as-balls NYC! Damn it feels good to be home (one of multiple homes I now claim). Been an absolutely craaaaazy week with all the LAMC shows and parties, plus catching up with homies and soaking up as much of the city as I can while I’m here. Yesterday I was privileged to have another quintessential Brooklyn Summer experience: dancing in pouring rain, with lightning above me, while Afrika Bambaata, DJ Spun & Tim Sweeney threw down records at the new Dekalb Market. Gottdam I love this city! Later tonite I’m catching Louie Vega on the rooftop of the Standard hotel… and of course there’s like 5 other ridiculous events going on at the same time as well.

Today I’m also happy to announce the release of this top-notch compilation of global bass from my good friends Mash It Up! in Cologne in collaboration with the truly global label Urban World. I’ve got a new exclusive song on here (below), so of course I gotta promote it, but don’t sleep on other heaters from Uproot Andy, Sabo, Matanza, and DJ Melo among many others. The whole comp is a free download, so do yourself a favor and GET IT HERE.

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