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Just got so much new music this weekend- prime picks from 10 different L.A. DJ’s. And as you already know, I’m not into being a miser, so let the sharing continue! Today’s selections are more brain candy than dancefloor fillers, but I’ve got plenty of those to drop on you in the next couple weeks too. Artwork today comes courtesy of the highly talented Alia Penner, who’s work I saw at this Venice gallery recently. Dope funky-style vibrant pop steez.

Laura Mvula :       Green Garden &       She (Until The Ribbon Breaks Remix) super soulful and creative vocal stylings from this soon-to-be major UK songstress.

Flume :       Holdin On &       I Met You ft. Anna Lunoe moody Australian beatsmith, check more here.

Ben Pearce :       What I Might Do (Club Edit) deep house vibes from this UK producer

Theophilus London :       Wine & Chocolates (andhim Remix) Theo keepin it sexy with a nice subtle rework by this German duo

Rihanna :       Nobody's Business (Cousin Cole House Edit) bad girl Ri Ri is not something I would normally post, but this song got way better with the addition of some classic house drums and the subtraction of Chris Brown. More from Cousin Cole here.

!!! :       Slyd glad to hear new material from these difficult-to-google dance punks

Bondax :       Baby I Got That &       Gold more British beats from these kids

Little Dragon :       Little Man (Vindata Remix) slept on this bouncey remix by these local Angeleno producers

fLako :       Enclosure &       Mating Dance one of my new favorite dudes putting out sounds. This guy is really standing out from the beatmaking masses with his subtle & organic sound.

inc. :       The Place more LA locals, these brothers are doing their best to keep smoothed out R&B alive, and I thank them heartily for it!

  • mike p

    just a general comment mean to show some love, you posts are so consistently fun, and i have no shame in admitting i have been rocking parties with selects from here for a minute.

    way back you threw up freedom ride by the caribbean torpedoes, which is fire in its own right but also got me stoked because of the opening break.
    i recognized it from at least a few dilla beats, notably this one, http://rainyorpheus.tumblr.com/post/43738384776 .

    wanted you send that your way, thanks again!

  • matt

    all big, thanks man!

  • damny

    big up! great selection every time!

  • Dangerscouse

    Cheers Chuck…heard that !!! on Radio 6music and loved it then too

    BTW, guess you already know but just in case, new Lions album out in a couple of weeks…and about friggin time too!! 5 years!!!!

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