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Spring = Flea Market

corazon_cover.jpg trouble_cover.jpg

The LTG Exchange : Corazon
taken from the 7″ single on Fania (1973)

Joe Quarterman & Free Soul : (I Got) So Much Trouble In My Mind Pt. 2
taken from the 7″ single on GSF (1972)

Ahhhh. Warmth has returned to the city and I can’t stop feeling high. It also helps that I’m leaving for the Dominican Republic on Saturday. Palmtrees and sandy beaches for a week, jugo de lechosa, chillin’ out with my girlfriend in a tent. It don’t get much better than that. Just to make you that much more jealous, this is the beach we’re going to be camping on. Sorry folks.

But for a beat digger such as myself, cherry blossoms and popping leaf buds also signal the return of the Flea Market. Sure, for the die hards the market runs year-round, but come on, how much fun is it to pick through a couple of tables with mittens and earmuffs on? The essence of the flea experience is a laidback sun-drenched weekend afternoon spent languidly strolling through the overcrowded mayhem, bumping into friends, haggling, and most importantly, digging up treasures from the trash. That pretty much sums up my Sunday. If you weren’t out enjoying the honey glazed glory, then let these two funk bombs brighten your regretful despair. I got them both, along with a stack of reggae and ska oldies, from a Dominican no less! I’m crazy busy right now, so I’m not about to school you on these folks, but get off your ass and dig up the background yourself. Anybody remember “El Tiburon” by Proyecto Uno? They use that same volume gag at the end of their track too- makes the crowd get involved.
“un poco mas duro… Y UN POCO MAS DURO….. Y UN POCO MAS DURO!”

Oh, and by the way, the Toque party last week was ILL. Big up to Busquelo, go peep that shiz…

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