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Trible’s Bible

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Build An Ark : You’ve Gotta Have Freedom
taken from the album Peace With Every Step on Plug Research (2004)

Dwight Trible & The Life Force Trio : Antiquity
taken from the album Love Is The Answer on Ninja Tune (2005)

Now a bunch of you cats are prolly gonna think I’m a downright hippie-softypants-mush-mush-brain. Go ahead, I’ll be finding peace in these here righteous rhythms. This music is doing things that most people are scared to take seriously, it travels to places that few people have enough conviction to even believe in nowadays. It’s new music with an old soul- just listen to the lyrics on Antiquity, which was penned by Carlos Niño (aka one half of Ammoncontact); the entire poem is composed of classic record titles. Beat by Dilla. Listening to this extremely rare contemporary musical incarnation, I wonder what happened to all the positive energy from those albums? Where is it today, honestly? I just hope it catches on and spreads, this infectious positive bug that urges open-ness. It’s simple in a lot of ways. Some things should be.

You can find out info about Dwight (who’s worked with more amazing artists than I want to even begin listing) here. You can let your guard down for a minute, feel good about the world and support this modern day love warrior (and his compadres that include: Madlib, Sa-Ra, Phil Ranelin, and Adam Rudolph to name a few) by purchasing either of these fine albums here.