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Commendable Comps

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Batata Y Su Rumba Palenquera : Ataole
taken from the compilation “Champeta Criolla Vol.2” on Palenque (2000?)

Bucovina Club vs Taraf de Haïdouks : Carolina
taken from the compilation “Electric Gypsyland” on Six Degrees (2004)

Swami : Pao Bhangra
taken from the compilation Bar Bhangra on Escondida (2005)

Tata Vasquez : Suite Guaracho Part II
taken from the compilaiton Jazz Bizniz 3 on Counterpoint (2003)

M.I.A. show in Central Park last Sunday was crucial. Barry McGee vs Swoon stimulated similarly (thanks to Aurock for the pics, and for keeping our News & Booze well stocked while Ant passes the 1 month mark in Costa Rica). I’m high and heading out of town myself. Westward bound. Making the L.A. to S.F. cruise with little bro. Expect fresh digs from the road- if possible. And now, on to this week’s music: giving props to a few comps I’ve been subway riding to lately.

Where was I when Champeta Criolla Vol.1 first dropped over here in 1998? I missed both of these gems until a couple of weeks ago. Purchase this album (subtitled: “Visionary Black Music From Underground Colombiafrica”) for the photos and artwork alone. Then flip out when you find out about an entire scene that you probably didn’t know existed. The idea of shouting/singing/rapping over old Prince Nico Mbarga records is highly appealing to me.

Whaddup to my Balkan Massive. With Gogol Bordello ripping things up, and Shantel’s repeated illness, in conjunction with several thourough listens to Nickodemus’ upcoming album, I’ve decided that the gypsy sound is right for me.

Although I haven’t yet gotten my hands on a copy of his book yet, I’ve heard Fabian Asultany spin several times and appreciated his science [*ammendment: it’s his Globesonic partner Derek Beres who has the book out, not Fabian, sorry*]. His first legit mix CD (Bhangra joints old and new) is a helpful addition to my arsenal.

Thank you Jake Behnan and Counterpoint for your service. Please continue putting out records as good as this one. This collection has a personality; the type you like talking to and dancing with at hoedowns, and never get bored of. Allow yourself to hear all the other dopeness that lies herein.

And definitely check out the Earl’s “Clash Up & Burn” mix over @ The Ten Thousand Things