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Gal’s Got It

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caymmi_cover.jpg Caras_cover.jpg

Gal Costa : O Vento
taken from the album “Gal Canta Caymmi” on Philips (1976)

Gal Costa : Minha Estrela E Do Oriente
taken from the album “Caras & Bocas” on Philips (1977)

First off, some basic news:
The Crate now has another official vinyl-freak bloggerista! Let’s all give a warm welcome to L.A.’s illest up ‘n comer DJ/beat meistro- Murphy’s Law (ever though of Murphy Slaw as an alternate?). He’s the man responsible for the 80’s soul gems from last week, and he also happens to be my little bro. For all you cats who rely on your weekly fix, we’re upping the dosage, so be forewarned. That means twice the Gumbo Funk, laid down thick and saucy from both coasts. Slurp it up.

Been busy here, working a bit of sound design for a cool indy theater production that’s a worthy ticket for anyone in search of a good laugh. Props to the Posse. Got busy with big bad Busquelo at Bembe on Thursday night and that’s looking like it’ll start to be a regular throwdown. Getting juiced for Quantic meets Nickodemus here in BK this upcoming week. Then again @ Turntables on the Hudson, I told you already that the album is hot! I’m also spinning at the Kontrast show this Wednesday at The Slipper Room. Swing by and check out some seriously talented hip hop headz. And there’s about 200 other dope parties popping off that I’m probably gonna miss- there can be no doubting that the city keeps you on yer toes.

You want to hear about Gal Costa yet? In the scheme of her career, these two albums are not the most outstanding and rebellious. But I think it’s a crime to overlook the moments of greatness that pop up herein. O Vento’s simple “tic toc” groove has more than enough bump to keep me satisfied, and her jumpy vocal tweaking towards the close of the track is healthy food for a vocalist. Estrela is more of what I like in the first cut. Smooth and choppy at the same time, it’s jazzy funk with a really catchy hook. This is one of those tunes that will pop into my head randomly while waiting for a train at 2 AM after not listening to the record for months. There’s at least 2 other tracks on the disc that will likely have a similar effect on you. You can pick up a copy of “Caras & Bocas” for $8 and see for yourself.