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Mr. Isaacs

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Gregory Isaacs: Slave Master
Taken from the soundtrack album Rockers on Island (1978)

Gregory Isaacs: Night Nurse
Taken from the 7″ Night Nurse on Island (1985)

Gregory Isaacs: Rock On
Taken from the album Rock On on X-Bam Records (197?)

Arzu: Amor
Taken from the 12″ Amor on VP (199?)

I never professed to be a cool kid. I don’t wear tight jeans; I can’t tell the difference between Air Force One’s and Air Force Two’s; perhaps most dazzlingly pathetic, I had never, until two nights ago, seen the movie Rockers. I’m a hack, I know. (To my credit, I know the soundtrack by heart.)

For anyone unfamiliar with the seminal roots-reggae film (all three of you), the only essential knowledge I can impart to you is that you must see it. It’s a virtual who’s who of late seventies rootical superstars: Robbie Shakespeare, Dillinger, Jacob Miller, Burning Spear, all essentially playing their colorful, stoned selves against the gritty backdrop of the smooth 70’s J.A. Oh, and of course, Gregory Isaacs.

I would give you more history on Gregory, but I’m cuddling right now, and don’t really have time for you jerks. Find out about Mr. Isaacs elsewhere. If his safe-cracking skills from the film don’t get you riled up, then surely his music will.

I’ve included in the post his epic performance from the soundtrack of Rockers, “Slave Driver”, as well as his coup de resistance, the ubiquitous, “Night Nurse”. For your listening pleasure, I’ve gone a step further to give you “Rock On”, one of the more heartbreakingly beautiful tracks from his vast catalogue that I recently discovered on a new compilation.

Lastly–and I can’t tell you what a stride in my generosity this is– I am putting up a track that I had avariciously vowed never to post on the grounds that it is simply too dope. ARZU!!!!!!!! Info on this cat is scarce at best. I believe he is either Peruvian or Venezuelan. The track pretty much speaks for itself: burning hot Spanish cover of Isaac’s Nurse. What more do you people want from me?!?!?

P.S. If anyone can fill in some of the blanks on Arzu, let me know. ‘Twould be much appreciated.