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Shakers With Style (Not Your Average Maraca)

romao_domum_spiritoft_101b.jpg novosbaiano_acaboucho_101b.jpg

Dom Um Romao : Lamento Negro
taken from the album “Spirit Of The Times” on Muse (1975)

Osvaldinho Da Cuica E Grupo Vai-Vai : Vendaval
taken from the album “Vamos Sambar” on Discos Marcus Perreira (1974)
note: the song title on the actual record label reads: “A Beleza E Voce Menina”, not sure which is the correct title.

Novos Baianos : Preta Pretinha
taken from the album “Acabou Chorare” on Som Livre (1972)

Swing is one of those things that’s quite difficult to put your finger on. It’s a bounce and a lag time. It’s the enemy of all things quantized. It’s far enough off beat to describe a whole lifestyle- that of the graceful yet wildly playful swinger. And swing also seems to be entirely at home in Brazil, where it evolved into a completely different genus than that somewhat tamer version which can be found here on records with Blue Note labels or the Creed Taylor stamp of approval. Not that American jazz is anything to goff at, ’nuff swing from Blakey and Roach, but Brazilian music seems unable to escape from swing’s grip. I’m not an expert in the area, like my man Gregzinho, but I feel like batucada, samba and bossa managed to thoroughly saturate the country’s musical output- at least enough to instill some of that swaggering swing as an ever-present Brazilian phenomenon. I’m giving you a funk-fusion track, a somewhat more straightforward samba joint, and a folk-rock hippie jump off here- all from 70’s Brazil, featuring some serious swing in effect. Maybe it’s just that shaker that I keep hearing?

Partly in the mood since lil’ brody proposed the highly tempting idea of trekking down south in the direction Rio, Sao Paulo, and Bahia during the rapidly approaching winter break. Trying to figure out right now if I can gather the necessary funds in time to make it happen. We’ll see…

Lucky for you, the Dom Um Romao album has been re-issued. Cop it here for a nice price. The Osvaldinho album is probably not so easy to find, but if you dig the soulful singing (loving that falsetto) from Papete, then you should look out for this album. The Novos Baianos album (really a beautiful collection) has also been re-issued, you can find it here.

Also, a Crate reader hipped me to this site where you can find TONS of ill Brazilian music (even some of the HIP HOP has swing!).

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