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Guest Post From DJ RHAP(sody)

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L’Trimm : He’s A Mutt and Cars That Go Boom
taken from the album Grab It! on Hot Productions (1988)

Black Eyed Peas : My Humps
taken from the album Monkey Business on A&M (2005)

It was the year that Bush Numero Uno took office. Some of you wanted to be Axl Rose and others (who shall remain nameless) wanted to be George Michael. Personally, I wanted to be a member in the female rap group, L’Trimm.

Bunny B. and Lady Tigra who comprised the kiddie-pop duo, scored a moderate hit with the song, “Cars That Go Boom.” Sound familiar? There’s a good chance though that you missed the less familiar, but far more infectious, “He’s a Mutt.” This sassy moral tale – layered with the occasional dog bark – playfully rehashes close encounters with the promiscuous kind (not our growing mixed-race population as the song’s title might have you believe).

While L’Trimm’s brand of silly-girl-booty-bass was scoffed at by serious rap fans, the group easily struck a chord with post-feminist elementary school girls (and some boys) such as myself. What L’Trimm may have lacked in lyricism, musicality, or even fashion sensibility, they made up for with their ingenuity for unadulterated fun.

Clearly no match for the lyrically ferocious Salt-N-Pepa or Queen Latifah, it’s no surprise these ladies endured a rather short career. But not to worry folks, L’Trimm’s legacy continues to live on in such recent jewels like the Black Eyed Pea’s “My Humps”, not to mention the entire Fanny Pack catalog.

Christine, who self-admittedly can’t match a beat, goes by the name of DJ RHAP.