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Time Tough

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Earl Zero : Home Sweet Home
taken from the album “Visions Of Love” on Epiphany (1979)

Cultural Roots : Age Of Creation
taken from the album “Revolutionary Sounds” on Germain (1980)

Wayne Wade : Poor And Humble
taken from the album “Poor And Humble” on Live & Learn (1982)

Even the most high spiriterd folks need a little upliftment now and then. When the wallet is empty and the relationship is all fuss & fight, and the work is hard, and the future is hazy (or even glum)- for these trials and tribulations I thank the highest for the healing forces of roots reggae music. The bass and skank speak nostalgia for a Zion lost, sing acknowledgement of the brutality and injustice of Babylon, but low… within the void between the spaceous delay there too exists the room for change. Proudly prounounced with each hitting horn burst and throughout every wailing verse glimmers that promise of a brighter future for all righteous creatures. Feeling low myself, I dug out these forgotten gems- too many records to keep track of- and I’m starting to feel like I’m doing alright. Also helps to eat proper ital.

Earl only has 2 records by his own name, but it looks like he’s still keeping active by the will of Jah. “13 Months of sunshine all the time” sounds pretty nice to me right now (water is currently boiling for hot cup of tea #6). Really love the work from one Agustus Pablo on the melodica here. Guitar and musical production by Chinna. The album ends with a highly danceable steppers cut called “None Shall Escape The Judgement”, but you’re gonna have to dig for that one.

I like how Cultural Roots manage to rebel against scientific reasoning by saying that scientists “are only surmising”. No concrete evidence for the big bang? Sometimes I feel that fed up with the whole thing as well. Musical backing here by one of my all-time favorite reggae bands- The Revolutionaries. Another hot track on here is “Jah No Partial”.

Wayne Wade really speaks to me right now. Not just broke, but in debt (sorry gui), and the holidays are here and I got to get presents for people or else I look (and feel) real shmucky. But I’ll scheme up something, always do. I don’t know if I can claim to be humble- can anyone? It kinda seems like calling yourself humble is oxymoronic. But I’ll try… (cough, cough)

If you haven’t peeped the Defibrillator remixes we did, do so now, ’cause they’re SIIIIICK. Also, this party on Thursday night is gonna be really fun for all ye music lovers in the NYC vicinity. Spread love and get loved.