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R.D. Burman ft. Asha Bhosle & Kishore Kumar : Aa Dekhen Jara
taken from the soundtrack album “Rocky” on Polydor (1980)

Jo Tongo : Piani
taken from his self-titled album on Decca (1976)

Joe Torres : Get Out Of My Way
taken from the album “Latino Con Soul” on Pacific Jazz (1967)

Susan Cadogan : Nice And Easy
taken from the album Hurt So Good on Trojan (1975)

I’m looking over at the fat cast that covers my right leg from below the knee, and I’m wondering how much paperwork I’m gonna have to go through to prove myself poor enough to be eligible for NY-state low-income health care. It’s not a pleasant thought. There are many infinities filled with unpleasant thoughts. But listening to these supremely tasteful funkies has helped me quickly divert my attention back to the few things that are actually important- health (for the most part), good food, warm home, loving friends and family. Can’t say much for prosperity at this point, but I’m really in no position to complain.

And dwelling in that place of warmth that has been kindled by Burman and crew, I look past my foot at a copy of my own record, sitting in it’s garishly colorful sleeve, finally back from the pressing plant. Ahhhhh, warmth indeed (I’ll be making a broadcast when it hits stores). So, I’m starting off the new year with another musical pu-pu platter from some of the world’s funkiest corners. Bit of Bollywood, little Afro-discofunk, slice of Latin Soul, and some sexy-as-hell Jamaican skank. Info can be found on all these cats, but I’m too tired right now to do the looking for you.

someone else is dropping gems over at Chasing.Red. Go look and listen and be greatful for another year.