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Brazilian Chemistry

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Cut Chemist : The Garden
taken from his upcoming album “The Audience Is Listening” on WB (2006)

Cut Chemist : A Peek In Time
taken from the album “Keepintime: Remixes” on Mochilla (2004)

I still remember clearly the first time I heard the J5 EP at a little indie record store in L.A. (can’t remember which one) at the suggestion of dood behind the counter. The rhyme style was catchy, musical, funloving and nostalgic in that way that I love, but even more jarring to my dome were the mindboggling beats. I bought doubles on wax as soon as I got my first set of (wack ass Gemini) turntables, and it was “Lesson 6: The Lecture” that became my first juggling tool. Funkier than Shadow, zanier than Nu-Mark, Chemist stood out from that scene to me as the guy I would most like to dig alongside. Everything I’ve heard from him since then has further confirmed my early suspicion. Despite the slim stream of output, the cat has stayed piercingly on point, and he’s one of the most lively DJ’s to watch on stage as well. These recent tunes, which display his admiration and love of Brazilian beauty as well as his vast creativity when it comes to re-interpretation, identify the man as a true knight of the gumbo funk kingdom.

Definitely cop this single if you see it, the flip side has a sick track with Edan and Mr. Lif. And keep your fingers crossed about the album actually dropping soon like it’s supposed to. Also here’s an interview with him on HipHopSite and another on Spin Science.