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Stealing Soul

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The Marvelettes : My Baby Must Be A Magician
taken from the album “Sophisticated Soul” on Tamla (1968)

Donnie Elbert : If I Can’t Have You
taken from the album “Where Did Our Love Go?” on All Platinum (196?)

The Swordsmen : Disgusted and Discouraged and Oh My Soul
taken from their self-titled album on RCA (1969)

Billy Vera & Judy Clay : We’re In Love
taken from the album “Storybook Children” on Atlantic (1968)

One great thing about doing this blog (and there are not that many perks, I assure you), is that it gives me an excuse to raid my friend’s record collections. So This weekend I finally got to finger through some prime pieces of wax that belong to a one Mr. DZ. You might remember this particular goon from his Chanukah funk entry a while back. While he may lack in numbers (he bought his first piece of wax like 5 months ago), he more than makes up for it with quality. This week’s selections represent a mere pittance of his soulful plethora. Also, any of you cats out there who are getting your MPCs ready to sample and splice, be ye warned, the aforementioned DZ is also a well-versed beatconductor (some of his production can be found on our Defibrillators remix collection) who’s steadily stepping up his game. He’s already transformed two of the above tracks into thoroughly original hip hop classic material, and he’s planning on flipping at least one of the other cuts as well. So, just wanted to give you a heads up- figured I’d save you from the dissapointment when you hear his aural flame throwers come out with a Papoose (or is it Ghostface?) verse on it and you’re stuck with a played out beat on your hands.

I love every single one of these tunes thoroughly and completely. But I’m especially fond of the string accompanyment on the pre-hook of the Marvelettes tune, and the background vocals on the chorus of the immensely bold interracial love proclamation presented here by Billy Vera & Judy Clay (sometimes the background vocals can steal the show!). Also recently read about how a cover version of Donnie Elbert’s “Caught In A Lie” became the first ever Lover’s Rock song, at least according to this cool piece of literature. So enjoy this soul, and respect to DZ.

Final note, postings are cut in half right now due to the fact that young Murphy’s Law is off on a European jaunt. But never fear, he will be returning, and hopefully with a fat stack of RECORDS!