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Love For Mothers

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The Dells : I Want My Momma
taken from the album “Musical Menu” on Cadet (1969)

Prince Nico Mbarga & Rocafil Jazz : Sweet Mother
taken from the album “Aki Special” on Rounder (1987)
originally released on Rogers All Stars (1976)

Sizzla : Thank You Mama
taken from the album “Da Real Thing” on VP (2002)

What can you say to your moms? Her biggest problem is that she cares too much about you. Is that a crime? Big love to all moms everywhere. Earth moms to Martian moms, elephant moms to insect moms, ancient moms to future moms, I (along with these fine musicians featured above) am truly in awe of your endless efforts of generosity and compassion. Sorry for all the sufferation.

Also, I have a new mix!!!! Go peep it at a brand new British digi-hub for all things funky. The website is called Cherry-Funk, and the mix is called “Upbeat On Bongo Street”. Many tunes you haven’t heard before. It’s a groovy dance party type thang.