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Stealing Soul Part 2

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maxayn_cover.JPG mothernight_cover.JPG

Maxayn : Bail Out
taken from the album “Bail Out For Fun” on Capricorn (1974)

Mother Night : Fools Are You
taken from their self-titled album on Columbia (1972)

More music from DZ’s crate today. Thank him not me. Refer to this post if you’re confused.

I’ve been working really hard on reviving the art of summer. Meaning: I left my job, I’m actually sick of drinking beer (too much of a good thing is still too much), and aside from being very artistically productive (yeah!), I’m lazy as hell right now. I guess this here blog has suffered a little, I hope these tunes can reconcile my lax.

Hearing this particular Maxayn tune for the first time, my jaw was dropped in jealous astonishment. Sly Stone in female form?!? Album art to rival even the best!?! I’m still on the hunt for my own copy. Although not all her tracks are this piercingly on point, she’s clearly an underappreciated soulstress to be reckoned with. After cutting this album, the group took another go at commercial success in the form of disco-funk outfit Mandre. Sadly, recognition eluded them still.

As for Mother Night, your guess is as good as mine. Having the same name as a Kurt Vonnegut book (maybe that’s where they got it from) makes it kinda hard to track down on good ole google. Whatever the case may be, these are some serious heads. This tune takes us from the soothing, organic sounds of Eden directly into the pounding rumble of armageddon. “Snatch a feather from an Indian’s hair, hang it up for a souvenir”. Riding an artfully darting melody, these cats are the moral guardians trying to keep the world in balance. When the latin section breaks and the sax solo explodes, I envision the whole natural world rising up in revenge– oh what a glorious day t’would be. If this song could bump loud enough in South Central right now, maybe the bulldozers would get wrecked by some kudzu.

Also- BIG ALERT! I pressed up an EP of original remixes with my boy DJ O – you heard the “Unpredictable” remix a while back. There’s more hotness where that came from. They’re available online at BEATSTREET among other places. COP THAT SHIT! and yeah, there’s another Mixtape Riot this Wednesday… see you thurrrrrr. Pics ‘n’ stuff from the last one are HERE.