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Finally, IT’S AN ALBUM!

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Building Bloc : Playback
taken from the album “Sound Foundation” on VIA Media (2006)
and yes, you can download the whole thing for free HERE

As some of you may know, I’ve been writing rhymes and making music for a while now. Well, these doods have been my partners in crime since we were all 18 and lived in the same college dorm together. Kinda crazy that it took us this long to put all the pieces together, but finally (most of these songs were recorded more than a year ago) the album has taken shape, been mastered, and is DONE. Also, it’s FREE and available for you to download. All we ask is that you let us know if you like it. We get by on just a little bit of love…

Send feedback to: bloc.building@gmail.com
check the website (which isn’t much) at: www.buildingbloc.com
and be our buddy at myspace/buildingbloc

And in case you couldn’t figure it out or were perhaps a bit confused, I also go by Chewbaka sometimes.