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Reggae Roundup

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creation_cover.JPG feelinhigh_cover.JPG treasure_cover.JPG

Freddie McKay : Love Is A Treasure and
Linval Thompson & The Revolutionaries : Rock Me Dub
taken from the compilation “Creation Rockers 4” on Trojan (1979)

Nicky Thomas : Have A Little Faith and
Sang Hugh : No Portion A Gal
taken from the compilation “Feelin’ High” on Columbia House (1975)

Phyllis Dillon & Hopeton : Right Track
taken from the compilation “Hottest Hits Vol.1” on Treasure Isle (197?)

Being that the temperature outside is steadily dropping each day and there’s no sign that global warming is going to obliterate this winter (soon, just not quite yet)– I figured it would be appropriate to post some warm, sunny, roots music. Plus, I realize it’s been way too long since any reggae has appeared on this page. Expect more from the Caribbean in the coming (cold) months… not just Jamaica, I’m thinking Trinidad, Haiti, and The Antilles too.

All of these songs come off random compilations that I’ve picked up over the years. I’m thinking these are mostly one hit wonders, because aside from Linval Thompson & The Revolutionaries, I haven’t heard of any of these cats. The “Feelin’ High” collection (what a great cover!) is kind of a mystery to me. First of all, I didn’t even realize that Columbia House (still owe those doods some dollars) was around back then. But secondly, although the record inside the sleeve corroborates the album title and record lable, the tracklisting is completely different from the one printed on the cover. Maybe it was a multi-record series and some previous owner got ’em mixed up? Not really sure, but very happy to have the tunes regardless– and props to the uncredited compiler who pulled a great selection!

Anyone recognize the “Rock Me Dub” track? A few years back, Nick Holder’s “Moments In Dub” was a crate staple… dub-house, check it out.

Also, finally updated my BLOGROLL! Check the newbies: Loronix (BRAZIL!), Loaded, Darcy, Naps… keep you procrastinating for daaaaaays.