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Commendable Comps: Round 4

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Jose Roberto : Crioula Multicolorida
taken from the compilation “Brazilian Beats Brooklyn” on Mr. Bongo (2006)

Free Som Orchestra : The Kings Bounce
taken from the compilation “Ultimate Brazilian Breaks & Beats” on Murge Discos (2006)

Bappi Lahiri, Amit Kumar & Sulahshana Pandit : Kya Jaan Yeh Duniya Kya Jane
taken from the compilation “The Bombay Connection” on Normal (2006)

OP Nayyar : Kismat Title Music
taken from the compilation “Bomshell Baby of Bombay” on Normal (2006)

I’ve felt a bit intimidated about posting any Brazilian music lately due to the influx of heavyhitters on the scene. I mean, these guys pretty much have it covered. Full albums of samba-funk, tropicalia-psyche, and bossa-jazziness on the daily. My library of Brazilian music is a bit overwhelming right now. My fear is that I’ll never be able to properly listen to it all. That’s part of the reason why compilations like these are so important- they pick through the overwhelming mass of music and pull out the most important nuggets for us. They’re especially helpful when you’re dealing with a genre like Brazilian funk (where the likelyhood of turning up one of these originals in a local record store is about as rare as stumbling upon a Velvet Underground acetate for a $.75 – okay, maybe not quite that rare). Thankfully, a couple of my favorite Brooklyn DJ’s (Greg Caz & Sean Marquand of the weekly Brazil Beat Brooklyn party) have put together this goldmine of Brazilian booty. In addition to being music connoisseurs (check out Academy records where Greg can help you find good records in many genres), these guys are hard working DJ’s, which means that each track on the album has been tested for danceability. Listening to this collection, it’s easy to see why their Sunday night samba party has been going strong for 5 years now. Buy this comp now because you need it in your life.

Another recent gleaning effort, Ultimate Brazilian Breaks & Beats, draws a greater focus on one important aspect of the music- the drums. To any producers out there, I’m sure this will not disappoint, as each track comes equipped with a massive breakbeat ripe for picking- ready to be chopped and served up freshhhhh. Knowing that this comp is associated with some cats from the Raw Fusion label (much respect), something tells me that this one isn’t as legit as the Mr. Bongo
release (is it just me, or do I hear some vinyl crackle on “The Kings Bounce”?). Do your sampler a favor and pick this one up!

Bollywood proves to be a difficult hunting ground as well- within the vast quantities of Indian film recordings, only a small number delve into “fusion”-style tracks that incorporate rock, funk or disco. Not that I can’t appreciate the more traditional style soundtracks as well, but it’s the moog infested, wah-wah tickled, breakbeat battered goodness that I seek the most. Similarly minded Dutchmen Sacha Dieu & Edo Bouman have spent years putting together the most thorough and complete collections I’ve ever seen. On top of superb song selection, the albums come with beautiful detailed liner notes with artist bios and even mini film synopses! Check out their website where you can find out about the Bombay Connection band and a Remix project that’s currently in the works: www.Bombay-Connection.com. Apparently, there’s more collections in the works as well. I want to be down!