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Banging The Bongos With Manu Dibango

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AfricanTeam.jpg Voodoo.jpg kusini.png

Manu Dibango, Le Grand Kalle & Don Gonzalo : African Boogaloo and Kimbombo Kimbombo
taken from the album “L’African Team” on African (1970)

Manu Dibango : Iron Wood
taken from the library album “African Voodoo” on PSI (1972)

Manu Dibango : Bush
taken from the soundtrack “Kusini” on DST Telecommunications (1975)

Not enough time today for a lengthy post, but I wanted to share some links before they go cold. I need to update my blogroll yet again, but in the meantime, check out the two blogs responsible for Iron Wood and Bush (whoa! just realized how dirty those two song titles sound side by side!). I’m just putting up a couple songs, whereas these crazy cats offer the ENTIRE ALBUMS, both of which are extreeeeeemely rare. It really does boggle my mind how such high quality material remains unreleased today. Go get yours while it’s hot, and of course, check out the other offerings while you’re there.

matsuli.blogspot.com provided the Kusini soundtrack and also has an enourmous catalogue of vintage African goodness.

quimsy.blogspot.com is giving out the African Voodoo library BOMB and also features some amazing Brazilian rarities.

The old school latin tracks from L’African Team are my own contribution, but I definitely don’t have time to record the whole LP. How do these cats do it?!? The album is a great example of Latin music thriving in Africa- where boogaloo (several years after it’s stateside death) met Afrofunk wah-wah.