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Latin Loungin With Ray Rivera

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Ray Rivera : Guava, Sumptin’ Like Dat & Afro Girl
taken from the album “The Now Sound Of The Ray Rivera Orchestra” on MGM (1970)

Ray Rivera : Night Flight To Puerto Rico & Mambo At The Corso
taken from the album “Puerto Rico To Soulsvill” on Zanzee (1972)

I’m not even going to try a proper post right now. Just upping some tunes I’ve been meaning to share for a while now. Not your standard latin soul, certainly not salsa, and too funky for latin jazz – this album lays in that little niche between them all. On Soulsvill (no “e” on the end is how he spelled it), Rivera is joined by fellow latin groove maestro Pucho as well as Brazilian fusion don Eumir Deodato. Wishing I was on that flight to PR right about now…

Congratulations to Tim Kearns & Joe Galante who e-mailed me: Hector Juan Perez Martinez- “La Voz” Lavoe’s birth name.