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First of all, thanks to everyone who came out to the gig on Thursday night; we had a really great time – hope you did too.

Will (Murphy’s Law) and I collaborated on our first official Boogaloo[la] mix-CD, Ritmo Del Camino (rhythm of the road). The idea behind the mix was to capture what our gig sounds like. As such, there’s a mix of old and new tracks, a range of tempos and genres, but it’s all meant to get people a’movin’. I haven’t done a party mix in ages and hopefully, Ritmo will inspire me to go back to the lab to knock out another one of my own.

Here’s the tracklisting:

Chua Chua Boogaloo–El Gran Combo
Tumbando Coco– Los Tropicales
Karakatis–Jose Maria
Soupy–Maggie Thrett
If you can want–Smokey Robinson
100 Yard Dash–Raphael Saadiq
You’re Losing Me–Ann Sexton
Sayin’ It and Doin’ It–SugaSwing Session
Bomba–Hermanos Latinos
Belleza Espiritual–Orquesta Zodiac
Lupita–Perez Prado
Cookies–Brother Soul
Disco Function–Rare Function
No Nos Pararan–Charanga 76
Dilo Como Yo–Chico Mann
All I Do– Stevie Wonder (U-Tern remix)
I’m Your Pimp–The Skull Snaps
One Way Ticket–The Real Thing
Eso Se Baila Asi–Willie Colon
Donde–Bronx River Parkway
Baby–The Phenomenal Handclap band
Under The Street Lamps–Joe Bataan

Right now, we have copies available for digital purchase; we haven’t made a firm decision on how many physical copies we plan to sell but there will be CDs made at some point (beyond the ones that we gave out last Thursday) for those who prefer the physical object. The only caveat is that the final CD will be of the same sound quality as the download (256-rate MP3s).

By the way, if you didn’t get a copy last week, come back and holler at me or Will this week or next and we should still have copies.

If you want to download the full-res artwork, go here.