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The Inkwell Mixtape


I met Chen Lo a few years ago when he came to work at an after school teen program called Crown Heights Live, where I was working at the time. It became apparent from the first conversation I had with him that he was the real deal, the most genuine combination of artist and community activist you could ever hope to meet. I watched a group of our teens, with his commanding inspiration, record a full-length album from start to finish. So many artists, due to cynicism or stubbornness, fall into the trap of either compromising message for music or music for message, and Chen has done neither. For real, I am proud to know him and call him my friend. If anyone I know deserves to make it, it’s this man right here. I helped work on this project (I mixed down a handful of tracks) and aside from giving you the full download link, I’m separately posting a single I produced, which is only available in snippet form on the mixtape. Enjoy!

Chen Lo“The Ink Well” Mixtape

Chen Lo – Find My Love (feat. Raphael Smith)

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