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So you might start noticing I’m mostly posting videos. Being one of the graphics guys, it seems to make sense my stuff would lean towards music mixing with visuals. Or maybe: meh, it is what it is. This is not even the type of music I would normally find myself listening to, but I was captivated enough by the visuals that I got a little into it. Not even sure what to call it, but who’s able to keep track of all the sub-genres these days anyway…

The video is not even paired with the music for reasons much beside the fact that the audio works well as a test for the render. But hey, it works. Imagine if your iTunes visualizer eventually looked like this… Created by  Robert Hogdin.

Update: So apparently Hogdin actually is one of the creative geniuses behind the current iTunes visualizer. I never really use it, but now that I’ve taken another look, I guess I can’t say I’m that surprised.

  • koenski

    High,the new lay-out is bigger and bolder and good luck with it!.I`m a bit of a fan for a while now.I linked you on my wellviewd blog.Im into cars,art,design,space,new and eighties indie music and lots more of course,the world is not enough..koenski-beterweter.blogspot.com

  • Szandor

    Amazing! really cool site too. im glad i found you. thanks!

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