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100% of Me Adores This Song

Vanessa Kendricks

Man o man. A song like this will do it to me every time. A little simple Tuesday soul for y’all.

Your average R&B flunky is likely familiar with the Gwen McCrae original (Glades, 1972) which is, in its own right, an absolute jam. I wouldn’t say this really tops the OG version, per se. I mean, truth be told, it’s not terribly different. The instrumental track is virtually identical and the drums are actually harder behind Gwen… but… but…

It’s the voice. Whereas Gwen vamps heavy with her powerful phrasing, my girl Vanessa goes with understated sexy. A little softer. A little sadder somehow. And I’m just spinning… 

Vanessa Kendricks - 90% of Me Is You

taken from the re-issue 12″ on Jazzman; also on the Jazzman complilation Florida Funk 

  • javejavor

    This is an absolutely stunning song! Really love the string arrangement.

  • soup

    to me, it ‘s vanessa is damsel in distress to gwen’s sadness in reminiscence. love it!

  • alphastart

    hey…um…love this track…um, how does one d-load these tracks???

  • alphastart


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