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El Posto Numero Uno Yo


Hello yo.  This is DJO aka El Beatardo from The Beatards. And this is my first blog post ever.  Since Charlie got me on this thing I feel it’s only right to dedicate the first one to the good Captain.  Also I’m looking at this thing as a kind of long spaced out mixtape and this song has a killer (short) intro. So… dedicated to the Captain…  

Blues Image : Ride-Captain-Ride
from Pay My Dues on Atlantic (1970)

  • doublepower

    Nice. Bring on the slow-mo mixtape..!

  • icastico

    blogging cherry popped…how was it?

  • jonny

    haha awesome!! my buddy used to perform a cover of this in Hollywood at the Haunted Cabret when we were 14 back around 91/92.

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