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Chandeliers Keep It Fun and Funky


Chandeliers are a banging good time live, but I wasn’t sure that three analog keyboards and a drummer would sound as dynamic on record. The four piece plays with a lot energy live, and they bring a steady, but quickly shifting stream of funky, electro pop. It’s great music for art school loft parties, and I say that with all sincerity. With The Trush, Chandeliers keep the energy up and maintain a live drum sound that gives the album an organic freshness. Comprised of members from Icy Demons and Mahjongg, Chandeliers are more of a dance outfit that keeps all the songs under five minutes and never strays too far from pop sensibilities. The melodies are often angular and stark; sometimes producing a playful tone, but at times they create dark and alien atmospheres. The songs are typically linear in structure, with multiple themes spinning into and out of the slowly evolving beat.

There’s nothing in The Thrush that Squarepusher hasn’t done before, and live bands making dance music have been a dime a dozen over the last ten years. But Chandeliers standout to me, and I’m not quite sure why. I guess I imagine they’re all going to nail hot sculpture majors right after their set, and that makes me happy.

Chandeliers:       Mr Electric ,       The Thrush and       Body Double

  • Chuck Wild

    feelin it. wonder if I can lure any of those hot sculpture majors just by playing it really loud on my ipod

  • ixley

    we need more lasers!!!

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