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Dancing Shoes


This is the state of my previously white Pro Keds after last night’s crowd-surfing electro-punk warehouse party in Williamsburg. I dance a lot (pretty much why I started DJing), but it’s still a rare occasion that I get a chance to go that crazy. Thanks to all the bands on the lineup (especially Team Robespierre, Juiceboxxx, & Ninjasonik) who induced nothing less than sweaty frenzy between each consecutive power outage (the momentary spaces for shouts and chanting only increased the intensity of the mayhem). Big shouts to Spankrock and Amanda Blank who were keeping things hype too. Here’s some pics from the show (you can see me getting rowdy  in a couple). 

Today however, I needed some serious Sunday recuperation. Afternoon trip to the Russian & Turkish bathhouse with the homies, little bit of savory Israeli cuisine to take me back to Tel Aviv, and sitting back with some recent mash-ups that I’ve been loving lately. Erik The Red is a friend for a while now, and I only wish he would hit me up with blends like this more often. Jayceeoh is a cat I just met recently over the interweb, but I’m looking forward to DJ-ing together later this month when he drops a new Brazilian mix (stay tuned). Pretty cool to hear my own track get the mashup treatment (he used my beat “Fumando” on “I Know That’s Gangster”). And “Blame It” is a guilty pleasure that I can’t pretend not to love. Then I’m putting up a remix I just finished now for Mayer Hawthorne & The County. The og had me flipping when I first heard it, and from listening to the other joints on his myspace, the album sounds like it’s gonna be a monster. Now I need to go find me some new PRO KEDS!!!

Mayer Hawthorne :       Just Ain't Gonna Work Out (Captain Planet Remix)

Alice Russell :       Hurry On Now (Erik The Red's Tubbified Mashdown)

Jaime Foxx vs. DJ Spinna :       Blame It (Jayceeoh Edit)

Jay-Z, Sean Kingston, & Bun B :       I Know That's Gangsta (Jayceeoh vs. Captain Planet Edit)


  • jam

    the Alice Russell mashup is great – so is the Gangsta remix

    muchas gracias!

  • oz

    memo for ’09:
    no more white shoes
    no more white belts
    no more justice
    no more vocoder

  • Chuck Wild

    wait, no more vocoder? I’m gonna have to disagree with that statement. But otherwise I think we see eye to eye.

  • Murphy's Law

    Also agreed, minus vocoder. And you’re talking about Justice the band, right? ‘Cause I’d like to keep it as a venerable social construct around till at lest 2010.

  • Mogpaws

    The vocoder itself isn’t inherently evil, but people do wield it around a bit too much.. I’m diggin’ this Captain Planet vibe… really liked the Erykah Badu rmx a lil while back

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