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Next Level from Kutiman


Soulico Crew (yes, the same cats who are making a mix for us…soon!) extended family member Kutiman (Tel Aviv STAND UP!) has just released his new mindboggling remix project. I’m gonna let these video/audio montage masterpieces speak for themselves, but do yerself a favor and WATCH THEM ALL. At first I didn’t believe it was legit, but when you see the vocalists getting involved, there’s really no doubting the realness. In a moment of near utter chaos for me (lost computer, hard drive, DJ equipment etc.) I’m relying on the most crazy of inspiration to pull me out of my own head trip. Thanks KUTI! And check the man’s funky ass album if you haven’t yet.

On a totally unrelated tip, if you like keeping up with the best new underground/up-n-coming shows and artists, check out the super fresh Bloom Blog run by two entirely baddass sisters who are lifelong members of the Mixtape Riot! fam- Fiona B & Miz Metro.  You gotta check back on a regular basis to even try to keep up with them!

  • jon oliver

    thanks for posting this!

  • Mogpaws

    Agreed, this is the cat’s pyjamas… I wasn’t sure how I felt about Kutiman a year or two ago… but that’s gold.

  • drewid

    This is amazing….cheers for raising the awareness on this one. Just watched the other postings of kutiman as well….all top notch.

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