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Jackin’ Oil Tankers


Mixtape extended fam, Chen Lo, hit me up with this official remix of ABC’s, the single off K’Naan’s recently released Troubadour album. I’ll be honest. I didn’t even know who K’Naan was until I caught his set at All Points West last August. But the dude’s got one of those ill voices that reminds me of K-Os or any of the higher-frequency registering members of Jurassic 5. And as usual, Chen does his thing on this track, which is bult on a hype horn-laced beat that sounds like it could have been sampled from a Mulatu joint (who wants to check?). I’m lovin the kid-sung hook and Lo’s reference to Somali pirates. These two artists make a dope team and I hope to hear more collaborations in the future.

      ABC's (Remix feat. Chen Lo)

  • Chuck Wild

    so happy to hear this. Chen doin BIG things and this is def the hottest track I’ve heard yet from K’naan. Good collabo and yeah, that does sound like as old school Ethiopian horn sampled in there.

  • Chris

    I think the sample is from Ethiopiques, Vol. 4. Just a guess.

  • Kid Delicious

    Yup it is a Mulatu Astatque joint and it is on Ethiopieques Vol. 4 It’s called Kasalefkut Hulu.

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