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PUBLIC ENEMY #1 (Flavor Flav officially 50)


Holy crack rocks! We ‘Tards are going to open for Public Enemy this Sunday @ B.B. King’s in Times Square!  And to top it off, it’s going to be Flavor Flav’s 50th B-day party!  How crazy is that?  Flav is 50???  This is going to be a super special show, we are going to have some special performers with us…  I can’t say much more right now…  But yeah, it’s going to be special.  Then after this show we hop on a plane headed to Austin for SXSW.  It’s gonna be a crazy time there.  If you are going to be there, holler at us for our schedule.  We are doing a showcase Thursday at the Red Bull Moon Tower and it’s going to be off the hook! All our other shows there are free with free booze, what else do you need???

So in honor of Chuck D, Flavor Flav, Terminator X, The Bomb Squad, Professor Griff and the S1W’s…  Here is our remix of Bring The Noise.  (Previously released on our Endless Dummer Mixtape.)

Public Enemy vs The Beatards: Bring The Noize
from Endless Dummer on MTR! (2007) 

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  • kski

    High fromHolland, Im all psych for you lot to go on stage with the PE nr.one!, and u deserve it!, I followed you since the beginning and was a daily fan at the captains crate for sure, i do promote you guys in Holland the best i can and of course a link is on my site to the mixtaperiot. anyways have a ball in NYC and Txs and is it ok if i occasionaaly rip a mp three from you, for a good cause that is.if, u happen to have a spare brief moment vheck my site, (i know its a lot to typ)…”koenski-beterweter.blogspot.com”.
    I have views from Japan to Alaska so NY is welcome too, im off, behave on the plane boys!, koenski the spaceboyfrom Europe.Amsterdam, btw bastards, time to perform overhere dint ta think, if u need help to arrange clubs im yer man,id b honoured, it takes a million to hold us back!

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