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Shine Through The Grapevine


So the homie Ballantino hit me up and let me know that my track Speakin Nuyorican was the MP3 of the day over at RCRDLBL.COM (one of the cooler, and most groundbreaking blogs out there in my opinion). I knew the song was going to be on the BKLYN compilation (alongside some of my FAVORITE funky artists) put together by my other good friend DJ DRM, but I don’t have a copy and didn’t even know it was released yet! This is the second time this year that I’ve discovered one of my unreleased tracks inadvertently on a compilation- O-Dub at Soul-Sides.com put me on to this Japanese comp that features a rough draft of my song “Fumando”. Both of these tunes will be on my upcoming (and still unfinished) EP on Bastard Jazz, with a remix from Sweden’s own Freddie Crugar/Red Astaire. Coming soon, I SWEAR!!!!

Also, heard through another homie that The Beatards “Big Bad Beat EP” is finally up on the iTunes store, so if you still have been sleeping, or are just opposed to having physical CDs in your life anymore, then cop yer copy now from Apple.

And yeah, The Slits are the SHIT. 

The Slits : “I Heard It Through The Grapevine”
taken from their album Cut on Island (1979)

  • Camilo Payan

    I have to say, that version of I Heard It Through the Grapveine is badass. I’ll have to look up The Slits more.

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